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    401K to Gold: Your Best Option

    401 is more than a figure. For most, it is a lifeline of security and urgent stability. It is US’ retirement fund program for its many workers, sponsored by the employer. As one jumps to one job to another, this fund is passed on and continues, upon the employee’s discretion. In case of employment status change such as job loss or retirement, a worker can then decide whether to cash out the account, let it remain where it is, or roll it over into Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). These are all tempting options, but the formula is simple: 401K to gold!

    401K to Gold: Your Best Option

    Is cashing it out a great deal? Yes, for a start, it effectively relieves initial financial figures. But, the amount will be deducted with 20% IRS tax, state income tax, and an early withdrawal tax for those under 59 Ѕ years old. Take it- and then you’ll realize it’s not really enough even for your own immediate needs. Leaving the fund to where it is a quite sensible, hassle- free! But, former workers seem to get lost on how their funds are invested. Also, they will not be allowed to contribute more and would even be charged of maintenance fees! Now, you only have one option to examine- the 401K to gold IRA.

    In most times, pension funds are best managed by completing an IRA rollover. The transaction can be processed directly from the existing account or within 60 days of cash withdrawal. An IRA account lets you choose various investment options like stocks, bonds, real estate and gold.

    Why is a gold IRA the one? If paper assets devaluates, gold’s worth skyrockets! It has been proven investment with a large turnover; in fact, gold IRA accounts have grown more than 300% since 2000! Government changes, economic shifts, name them all- but nothing can break down gold’s value. Converting your 401K to gold only secures your retirement life.

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    Goldline Precious Metals For A Precious Future

    Our world isn’t just about money. It’s about stones too- those which speak of ancient value, incomparable luster, and timeless beauty. Goldline’s precious metals know this, and would help you make it your real deal of investment! For years, clients, both invetsors and collectors, have trusted the brand for gold, silver coins and others. What are precious metals, and what is Goldline? This is something you must know!

    Goldline Precious Metals For A Precious Future

    Goldline International traces its roots from Deak& Company, once the largest storefront gold retailer in the late 1970’s. It went into bankruptcy, yet it was bought several times, circling around the same business, underwent reinvention processes until it became today’s established company! Like gold trialed by fire, Goldline precious metals have passed through the toughest test of economic shifts and management change, to prove its worth in the industry and to its clients. Currently, it is a top retail seller of bullion bars, bullion coins, silver coins, golden coins, platinum and other precious metals for collectors and investors. It provides paycheck to its more than 300 employees, from its sales revenue of $825 million, which was predicted to climb up to $ 1 billion in 2010-2011. No doubt, a prominent newspaper has ranked it as the 6th fastest growing company in Los Angeles, California.

    What is its key to this prominent business success? Goldline’s precious metals are simply remarkable! What is it, by the way?

    A rare, naturally occurring chemical element, precious metals have high economic value. As chemical, they are less reactive, usually ductile, and highly lustrous. They were once essential for trade, like a currency, but are now used for investment and for some, a valuable collection. Precious metals include gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium and platinum. Of these, gold and silver are the most popular due its use for art, coinage and jewelry.

    These days, precious metals seem to be rare. The huge pieces are found torn in small bits. But if you get to discover the treasure in bulk form, known as bullions, then you are deemed to have high demand and market value. It then can casted into ingots or formed into coins. Purity can vary from every issue. 99.9% purity is more common, yet there exist a 99.999% bullion- the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Series. The largest is the 10,000 dollar Australian Nugget coin which contains a kilogram of 99.9% pure gold.

    Goldline precious metals have given people fair chance to access this kind of wealth. With its exemplary customer service and dedication to excellence, this company is your key to a precious future!

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    Planning for Gold Retirement

    If you have a job right now and you want to have something that you can rely on when you retire, you have to consider a gold retirement plan.

    What’s the Great Deal?

    Although there are many retirement plan options available these days, investing in gold is the wisest action to take as gold’s value will never depend on the institution. Whatever the situation of the institutions or the economy is, gold will never be affected.

    In the past, the value of gold value was evaluated, and it was about hundreds of dollars per ounce. However, these days, gold per ounce has already reached up to thousands of dollars. With that, we can conclude that gold continues to raise its value over the years.

    How Do You Secure Your Future?

    Many people have carefully planned their retirement but ended up with nothing. Therefore, you have to make sure you invest in a profitable thing like gold. You can start your IRA gold plan now and start saving for the future.

    Planning for Gold Retirement

    Which Products Are Accepted?

    Provided by the Internal Revenue Code is the list of accepted or approved gold products. Bullion and coins that were made by the exchange-approved refiners are accepted. If you want to make sure about everything, you can ask for the advice of investment advisers.

    If you want your gold investment to appear in your portfolio, you should start now. Don’t be affected by the inflation of the current money. As of today, there is none that can replace the benefits ensured by investing in gold retirement plan.

    Moreover, you can choose from a lot of options when investing in gold. You can have a third party secure it for you, but you have to pay for his services. On the other hand, you can keep a physical gold at home and store it in safes and vaults. Banks and depositories may be another option, but you have to weigh what will really work best for you.

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    Securing Your Gold Bullion Properly

    Are you currently investing in gold? Well, that sounds great, especially if you have with you your bullion and coins. However, since theft is highly emerging these days because of global economic crisis, you may want to consider storing them in the safest place possible. Let us here learn the three simple options to safely secure your gold bullion and coins.


    The main advantage of storing gold at home is that you have full control of whether to store them or dispose them. Safes and vaults are commonly used at home to store this precious metal. Look for a reliable safe and vault provider to ensure you obtain the best quality. On the other hand, you can go for the “disguise” method, which hides the safe beneath the walls or bookshelves. Installing these may cost much, but the benefits will outweigh everything. Gold is a valuable investment, and so you have to invest in protecting it.

    Safes offer valuable protection against all forms of natural damage, such as flooding and fire, as well as theft. However, a good quality safe can cost several thousand dollars. So if you have a small budget, this may not be the most economical storage option.

    Securing Your Gold Bullion Properly


    Banks have vaults or safety deposit boxes that you might want to consider. You will just have to pay annually or monthly for its use, depending on the value you have deposited. You can get your gold during banking hours. Holidays will be somewhat a barrier, so you have to plan to transact earlier. The thing is banks can’t give you full access to your bullion, and depositories may take a long drive from home.


    Aside from banks, there are firms that store gold. The fee is somewhat lesser than in banks.

    These above-mentioned ways of securing your gold are all great. But you have to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of each of these methods so you could wisely choose what works best for you.

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    Physical Gold Prices of Today

    Maybe you have fully decided to invest in gold and you want to get hold of physical gold. If you have, you may want to know the prices of gold. The value of gold depends on its weight. So the heavier the gold is, the higher the price will be.

    Physical Gold Prices of Today

    There are various types of physical gold, that is, bullion and coins. Bullions are gold bars that come with expensive prices. Coins are a lot cheaper. For gold coins, the American gold eagle is very popular. Price depends on how many ounces it is.

    One ounce of American gold eagle sells at roughly $1,322; 1/2 oz is $692; 1/4 oz is $351; 1/10 oz is $143; and so on. These gold coins are also sold by package for a lesser price. Oftentimes, online gold coin providers offer great discounts during holidays and other occasions.

    Physical Gold Prices of Today

    The gold bullion’s price is a lot higher than the gold coins. The richest people usually go for this. The price of the gold coins and gold bullion when bought and when sold is different. If you buy gold, you will be paying a higher amount. If you decide to sell your gold that you have purchased at $100, most likely you will price it at $95.

    You have to note of the present gold prices so you have an idea whether a gold provider is offering his products at a reasonable price. Whether you want to buy or to sell gold, you have to know its current pricing. Owning a physical gold requires you to be keen and vigilant with the price changes.

    There are many fraudulent providers out there, especially online, that are only after the huge money they can get. And since there are a lot of scammers online, you have to make sure you seek for a reliable provider.

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    Why Should You Get Your Free Gold Investment Kit NOW?

    It shines and lusters. It’s the new man’s best friend! Gold might have been an all- time favorite but its spotlights burn brighter now. Inflation might be getting higher, which puts our stocks, bonds and mutual funds to risk, but gold goes the other way. This out-of- control phenomena might seem incontrollable even for superpowers but this precious metal seems to find iron-clad protection for investors. What is happening? While your money is losing value, gold is on the rise during negative economic overturns. These ‘warning’ signs for economic decline are your ‘lucky signs’ to get your free gold investment kit now!

    Why Should You Get Your Free Gold Investment Kit NOW?

    When the dollar falls, everything seems to be in decline too. Your money’s value today might not be less than the days before. Relatively, your power to purchase shrinks and your investment scheme is at stake. But at the other side of the story, dollar’s downfall is gold’s victory. As the amount of printed fiat currency increases, its value degrades yet gold’s rate elevates. Thus, as long as central banks among countries print out fiat currency, gold’s dominance shall long to rise! This explains why you must keep investing- but in bright things, like gold!

    To maintain a nation’s national stability, getting into debts is an unavoidable issue. However, too much debt devaluates your money in the bank and your other investment. But take gold in contrast- instead of flapping, it soars higher with increased debts! In less than 2 years, gold’s worth rose to 67%, of about $1425 per ounce- the same rate as how the national debts increased.

    World’s wealthiest are doing this, why can’t you? If you try to evaluate things, wealthy people stay sleeping on the bed of roses because they have one thing in common- they invest in gold! Top central bankers protect themselves from the US dollar devaluation by buying gold. The good news, retail investors and ordinary people have discovered it; they have been looking at a better avenue to grow their money! With a free gold investment kit to guide them, and some ‘pot’ of gold, they exactly knew how to protect themselves financially, amidst fiat currency devaluation and inflation. You can, too!

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    Some Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold IRA

    Metals of all kind are in demand today for the main reason that they all continue to be scarce. However, among all the metals, gold and silver continue to increase their value as time passes. The main reason for this is that these kinds of mineral are irreplaceable and their value will never depend on the status of the economy. With that said, investing in Gold IRA, among others, is a wise idea.

    Some Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold IRA

    The moment the economy is rough, the value of gold increases. The same will happen when dollars decrease. This only means that whatever problems the world may have, gold is never decreasing its value. Investing in gold will build up your wealth in no time.

    Some Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold IRA

    IRA or individual retirement accounts will enable you to use gold and silver as your investment. Return on investment will appear quicker than what you have expected. So in the event you’ll be interested in investing in these precious metals, you have to get such from reliable providers who will assist you in everything. This might not be that easy.

    A good gold and silver investment provider will tell you that a numismatic gold and silver is not worth investing but that bullion is. Only knowledgeable providers will share this information with you. There are specific types of gold and silver coins, like the American eagle. This is commonly used in IRA accounts.

    Buying gold for IRA is a really worthwhile investment. There’s nothing more secure than this. We all know that our economy is not doing well. And more possibly, there’s no way to go but down. Thus, you really have to take action as gold will never lose its value no matter what.

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    Options When Investing in Gold

    From the moment gold has been discovered, all people in the world were magically attracted to it. From jewelry to coins to trophies to eyeglasses to a lot more items, gold has been widely incorporated. The value of a lot of things may decrease but not the value of gold.

    Options When Investing in Gold

    Rich people in the past have records of gold investment in their portfolio. Today, more and more people are investing in gold to secure their future. This is a good idea, and it is even wiser to purchase gold the soonest time possible. Why? This is because gold’s value continues to rise, and so buying it now will save you money.

    Investing in this valuable metal comes with different options, and you have to find what will work best for you.

    Investing in Physical Gold

    The main advantage in investing in physical gold is that you have the power to dispose it anytime you need money or for whatever purpose you have. Also, this option is the safest among others as there is no third party involved; you get full control of everything. However, physical gold providers like gold bullion or coins must have a safe storage to avoid theft. Vaults are the best place to keep gold.

    Investing in Paper or Digital Gold

    This option has a higher risk, but return on investments will be higher. This kind of investment does not take place in banks, so there are no certain regulations to follow. This will make everything very risky. For this option, doing a research is necessary.

    Investing in Gold Derivatives

    This includes the process of betting. Expert gold investors are good at this, so this is not recommended for beginners. People who want to engage in this kind of investment must know the ins and outs of gold investing since they can lose huge amount.

    It is needless to say that investing in gold is a very profitable thing, but one has to be sure about what he wants, as well as his goals. Government, politics, economy, and everything else may be unstable, but a gold investment will protect you from such instability.

    Make sure that you invest in gold the right way. There are many advantages, but you have to take note of the risks. Contact a gold investment provider now and start securing your future. Just make sure you only transact with reliable ones.

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